Traditioner i Østrig

Traditioner i Østrig

Casting Austria med Alexandra Dahlström i Bad...

1,704 views March 14, 2016

Alexandra Dahlström resa i Österrike.

Ferie i Østrig

Music and wine in Austria's Burgenland

1,334 views March 14, 2016

Famous for its wine and musical history Burgenland is located just 1 hour south of Vienna....

Ferie i Østrig

Passion for Tradition - Gmundner Keramik

3,002 views March 14, 2016

Wie vor 300 Jahren wird in der Gmundner Keramikmanufaktur Stück für Stück in liebevoller...

Ferie i Østrig

Austria Dirndl Casting Event in NYC

4,144 views March 14, 2016

On June 10th, a kick-off casting event selected the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors who will treat...

Ferie i Østrig

Life in a Dirndl in Austria

10,753 views March 14, 2016

Join Kelley - the host of our mini-series - as she travels through Austria to learn more about...

Ferie i Østrig

Austria: Creation of a Dirndl in Austria

2,188 views March 14, 2016

Watch Kelley Ferro, the host of our mini series, as she travels throughout Austria to find out...

Ferie i Østrig

Austria. Dirndl Ambassadors @ Midsummer Night...

2,408 views March 14, 2016

On June 28, 2012 @ Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing, New Yorkers were able to witness two...

Ferie i Østrig

Dirndl Fashion in Austria

5,505 views March 14, 2016

Watch this video to learn about the renaissance the Dirndl in going through in Austria today....